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Invitation Letter for Family/Friends

You may have family members or friends who would like to visit you during your time studying at UHart or for your graduation ceremony.  (Congratulations!) To enter the U.S., they will most likely need to apply for a tourist visa (the B-1/B-2 visa type).

Please refer to the specific U.S. Embassy website that your family/friend will be going to for their interview.  Guidance about the tourist visa application process can be found on the U.S. Department of State website.

Please note consular officials from the U.S. Department of State have explicitly noted that an invitation letter from the school is not required to process a visitor visa application as the letter is "not one of the factors used in determining whether to issue or deny the visa":

"Note: Visa applicants must qualify on the basis of the applicant's residence and ties abroad, rather than assurances from U.S. family and friends.  A letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support is not needed to apply for a visitor visa.  If you choose to bring a letter of invitation or Affidavit of Support to your interview, please remember it is not one of the factors used in determining whether to issue or deny the visa."  

The International Center does not provide invitation letters for family member or friends.  However, you as the student may choose to write an invitation letter to invite your family/friend to visit (see this template and suggestions below).  

Suggested Documentation 

The following suggestions are meant as advice only to help your family/friend apply for a visitor's visa (B-2) at a U.S. consulate or embassy in their home country.  We cannot advise on how the U.S. Consular Officials abroad will approach each individual situation.  
  • Letter of invitation from you (UHart student) 
    • Since you will be inviting your family/friend to visit you in the U.S., it is best this letter by written by you.  You may use this invitation letter template
  • Evidence of your valid student status
    • Verification of Enrollment Letter and/or transcript to confirm your student status at UHart.
      • You may find both the Enrollment Verification Requests and Transcript Ordering information under the Student Academic Records tab in Self-Service.  
    • A photocopy of your I-20 or DS-2019 form, passport, visa, and I-94 card